Get immediate access to critical medical device information to ensure patients are handled safely using DeviceWise™

Do you know how much of a problem this is at your institution?
The answer may surprise you.

DeviceWise™ has become a critical resource at many hospitals, including a 44,000+ annual procedure facility with 3+ years of production use, where it saves an estimated $1.9M per year. Contact us at for more info!



Nobody likes surprises on day of surgery, especially those that are completely preventable. Our study found an estimated $432k in savings from cancellations for every 10,000 surgeries scheduled.

Reduced liability

OpenSurg makes it easy for providers to follow manufacturers' instructions for use, reducing potential liability.

Broad Variety of Devices

We have information for dozens of device types including pacemakers, AICD's, insulin pumps, cochlear implants, LVAD's, nerve stimulators, gastric stimulators, spinal fusion stimulators, intrathecal pumps, and many more

Patient Safety

Assumptions about implanted devices can be dangerous and costly. Protect your patients and their implants by quickly referencing the instructions for use.

Coming Soon

Watch for the "RepChat" enhancement coming soon, which enables communication with manufacturer reps directly in DeviceWise™!

Tech Corner

OpenSurg was created by healthcare technology experts with security and compliance in mind. Learn more in our Tech FAQ's.

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Reach out to us at to talk with one of our clinical experts about your situation.
And if you haven't done so yet, feel free to use our calculator to get an estimate of the impacts that DeviceWise™ can have at your institution.