OpenSurg Technology

Does the DeviceWise solution handle PHI?

No, DeviceWise does not deal with patient-specific data, only information about devices.

Where is the OpenSurg system installed? On-prem? Cloud?

DeviceWise is a cloud-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Is data encrypted?

Yes - all web traffic for DeviceWise is encrypted.

Is information sent off-shore with DeviceWise?

No, DeviceWise cloud infrastructure is restricted to AWS sites in the US. This helps in complying with certain restrictions which disallow health-related data from crossing borders.

Does OpenSurg store user passwords?

No, no passwords are normally stored because DeviceWise integrates with your existing authentication infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory Services using Single Sign On (SSO).

Is OpenSurg's cloud-based solutions safe?

Yes! In fact, a cloud-based solution can be safer than on-premises solutions because there is no additional server running at your site that can be hacked and put your entire network infrastructure at risk.